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Welcome to my website. I am a filmmaker, editor and podcaster. Take a look around at my work and give me some feedback if you wish to. Drop me a line using the contact" page for any questions you may have. Thanks!
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I am originally from San Diego, CA where I went to school and studied in Radio, Television and Film. In 2007 I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career and later settled in post-produciton. Outside of that I work on Independent film projects and also run a small podcasting operation known as Vine Street Media.

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  • Pulse (2013)

    Pulse (2013)

    Editing // Narritive Short Film

    Kristi Newhart finds herself being interrogated by the VP of her company and an FBI agent over a string of violent robberies that have shook everyone involved to their core. In this tale of mistaken identity the viewer must decide exactly who is guilty and not guilty.

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  • Fight Life (2012)

    Fight Life (2012)

    Editing // Documentary Feature

    Fight Life is a new groundbreaking documentary that gives the audience an intimate look into the real life of the modern day professional mixed martial arts fighter. From humble beginnings paying dues at the smaller events to being on the big stage fighting for a championship on prime time TV, Fight Life follows these fighters on their journeys chasing a dream only few dare.



48 Hour Film 2013 Complete!

It’s Friday July 19 and I finally get a moment to reflect on everything that went down last weekend. It was the typical 48 Hour experience that everyone talks about: lack of sleep, shitty food (if any) and 48 hours of pure adrenaline fueled craziness. Overall everything went pretty good and we completed our film on time. It wouldn’t be the 48 Hour without a few controversies and we definitely had a few.

Friday was okay, Saturday there was a few hiccups and Sunday was a wreck. After finishing our last few scenes on Saturday night (which was actually early Sunday) we drove back to the HQ and begun preparing for the editing task ahead. This is where things got a little hairy and sure enough it lead to the usual unnecessary stress on Sunday. I’ll save the details since we are going to podcast about it this weekend on my interview show “Talk is Dead.” The plan is to drive down to SD again and have a good discussion with Jim Walters and Mike Klass.

**I’ll post an update below with info once that podcast episode becomes available.

Anyway, in the end we got it done but like I said Sunday was stressful and rushed. Another breaking the speed limit and flying down the 8 freeway to Hazard Center to pull an “Indiana Jones.” That’s when you slide under the door before it closes and then grab your fallen hat at the last second. So yeah, this is all true. Check out the podcast for all the fun stories.



// Update //

Podcast info:

Talk is Dead with Chris and Ramon – Eps 8a (7/24/13)
Talk is Dead with Chris and Ramon – Eps 8b (8/02/13)

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